“My mum and wife-to-be don’t like each other because…”
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January 3, 2017

“My mum and wife-to-be don’t like each other because…”

From a male blog reader:

Hello people
Need your opinions. I have been with my girl for 7years now,she has stood by me from thick to thin and loved till date. Am very comfortable now and willing to marry her but my mum does not like her. I took her home last week to introduce her officially but my mum called me aside to tell me that her spirit does not accept her I should look for another woman. As soon as we got home my girl said same thing that she is sorry she does not like my mum.I asked her why? She said my mum.looks troublesome. Am really confused .I hear parents blessing is very important in marriage. I love my mum she brought me up single handedly after my father abandoned us. She was giving me money till I got a job and she has been my rock . Same as my girlfriend,she stood by me and I can’t just dump her after 7years of my life . How do I solve this problem ?.My.Mum or my girl one person has to go 


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