My live-in boyfriend chats with another lady
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February 9, 2017

My live-in boyfriend chats with another lady

From a female blog reader:

Kindly post my story and keep me anonymous, I have been married for 7months and I am already considering divorce in my head, I never knew the lady I married can’t be corrected and I can’t have a conversation with her, I go the extra lengths to make provision for her, ever since her salary has increase she won’t let me have peace, her brother will come to my house without her informing me, I can’t even correct her brothers she would shut me up in their present, I am suffering in silence… I need genuine advise how do you cope with a woman you can correct or tell her things you don’t want….I spent a lot on the wedding and the most painful part is those that risk their life to travel for my wedding….I am tired and it seem I am loosing my say in this marriage….please post my story I will be reading people response


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