My husband’s ex-wife is making life miserable for me
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January 29, 2017

My husband’s ex-wife is making life miserable for me

From a female blog reader:

I really appreciate your good work, keep it up. Pls, keep me anonymous. I met my husband back when I was in school. I love him, tho He’s older than me, he’s 45 and I’m 26. He told me he had a wife, but have nothing to do with her again, cos of the damage she has caused to his life. I got pregnant for him, and he told me not to abort it, that he would do the right thing on me, by paying my dowry and getting married to me. When I told my mum, she had no choice but to get me married, cos I was pregnant already(she didn’t want me to go for abortion). since I got married to my husband ((Almost 5yrs now), I see no happiness in the marriage, though we live together but have never for once been to his former residence , where his wife and kids lives. I was told by my husband family not to go there, and to avoid her, cos of her attitude. plus i havent seen her for once. Now, the problem is, since I got married, this woman has been flooding my account with abusive messages, I never tho I never thought of replying her message, not until yesterday which was my husband’s birthday. I posted a picture of us on his wall to wish him HBD, to my surprise I saw the 1st wife comment (cursed and abused), which was so annoying, cos, Everyone was able to view it. She went as far as sending abusive message on my wall and messenger too. she keeps saying, she’s the legal wife, that her husband is just using me, she said I will get to know where I belong later, when he dies. My sister couldn’t help it but to reply her via message and not wall. I’m getting tired of all this already, pls do advice me on what to do 


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