My husband suddenly changed because of this girl named Yetunde
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October 15, 2016

My husband suddenly changed because of this girl named Yetunde

From a female blog reader:

I will like to share my story,am a 28 year old lady married with two lovely girls,i and my husband have been together for good eleven years cus we court for 6years and i cnt start saying how caring nd lovely he was then,am not from a rich family likewise him two but there is love between us that i had to leave my rich toasters just to be with him, we started living together since 2011 when i have my 1st baby and everything was still going fine then not until i have my second pregnancy 2014 haaaa my people i see hell my so call husband will come home 12am all in the name of work ooo meanwhile he closes by 6 cus he works at slot,there is this particular girl he is dating she will have the gut to call me and curse me fast forward to when i gave birth,we did our naming ceremony on tuesday the following sunday my so call hussy bring these girl to his friend birthday which is 3house beside our,i cried this yetunde girl even call my phone when she got home,my hussy will always go to any party with her and will leave me and the kids for 2days at home,there was one day he threw my things out all in name of this yetunde matter,my husband has never in his life celebrated my birthday for me but he celebrates yetunde birthday last year and this ashawo girl have the gut 2 send me the pictures they took there the same thing dis last sunday again he went and celebrate his ashawo girl yetunde birthday and he refuse to pay money for our kids school fees,you need to see me am pretty and have a nice stature, but all i know is yetundey ramon will never know peace when she is married too,i just need a shoulder that will always be there for to lean on,am too lonely,


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