My husband loves to stay away from home, married woman complains
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November 17, 2016

My husband loves to stay away from home, married woman complains

From a female blog reader:

I want you to keep me anonymous, am married with two kids,me and my husband have married for 8yrs, he’s job always take him out of d country he can go for 6 to 8 month and whenever he comes back instead of him to spend time with me nd d kids he prefers to spend d time with his friend nd go clubbing,at times he will go like 4 days without coming home or even call and if I call him he will say so u can call nd started picking a fight with me on fone and if I ask him dat why is he behaving like dis because am not a nagging type or am I not giving him a rest of mind at home he will tell me he’s just happy dat he has gone 4 a long time there is nobody to report him to because his family doesn’t want him to marry me,I was thinking when he start seeing his children grow up he will change me be a good husband he suppose to be I cry all d times because am not happy wit all his behavior because he has all sort of bad habit u can find in a man, he will get drunk d day he will come home it will be in d midnight nd drunk, there was a day he got drunk and forgot to lock his fone so I was strolling through his msg when I saw a msg of a girl telling he has miss him and she always remember d day dey were having fun and had an accident which dey still go to a hotel to have sex,this same man, I have contacted gonohhear through him, still I still stay wit him but he doesn’t want to change at all, and anytime he want to do something for me he did it has if he’s helping me, he doesn’t regard my family at all, we are in a different country now he called yesterday to ask me something which I did not hear him very well I have to call him back I was hearing a woman voice under and I ask him who is dat woman I was hearing his voice d next thing he did was to hand over d fine to one of his friend has he was talking to I had my husband saying what rubbish is dis am tired of all dat nonsense, since yesterday he hasn’t call I call and send him msg he doesn’t pick nd did not reply my msg….. Am so tired and frustrated I don’t know what to do again because my heart is aching, pls I need advice so as not to misbehave I don’t know if I should just still stay with him ?


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