"My husband is gradually leaving me for another woman"
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December 16, 2016

"My husband is gradually leaving me for another woman"

From a female  blog reader:

I met my husband 6yrs ago we practically lived together for 4yrs b4 getting married we got married almost two years now and but since we got married my husband changed he was the living type of husband b4 our marriage… tho he wasn’t ready for marriage but his mum and I planned everything… now we are married but the problem started January this year when he went for a new year party and met this lady there from my source I heard he already met her 2yrs ago but lost contact now they met again and are back… my husband can go head over heels for this lady… I am not the sex type and my husband is….. so when I confronted him he told me it’s because I don’t allow him to make love to me… but I tried telling him I am not the sex type but he said he’s a very romantic person and once that his not in his life them he’s not complete… fast forward till last month this lady got pregnant for my husband . Whenever he travels he’s always with this girl I don’t even know what to do now he hardly spend time with me… I read their chat alot and I noticed they are deeply in love with each other…. please I really need your help on how to get my husband’s attention back because I really love him… please help.My husband came home packed his things and left… later I heard the lady aborted the child due to pressure from my friends cursing her and all sort… my husband came back home after all the pleading and begging from my mum and his parent… but the problem now is whenever he travels… he’s always with this girl   


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