My girlfriend cannot stay without air conditioner, man cries out
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April 13, 2017

My girlfriend cannot stay without air conditioner, man cries out

From a male blog reader:

I met this very cute girl on your page after a birthday shout out and we just connected and started dating,the first day we met,I took her out for drinks and after that we did movies,after the movies I had to get to office to tidy some papers my boss asked me to,so I left my car ac on for her to chill so she won’t sweat. The next day she came to my house she told be that she can’t stand heat,but I explained to her that my generator can’t power my ac,but she insisted I put it on and put off the fridge,I did. After love making she said she can’t stand the heat when the fuel in the gen finish,so she took my car keys,ran into my car and on the car ac,I did not complain,she drained my fuel . This rubbish became a habit,after running gen for her with my ac on she will still go into my car to on the ac. This thing has been eating me up like suya but I did not want to offend her. We went to church last Sunday together and she refused to go inside the church,she said The shoes She was wearing was hurting,so I told her to wait for me,put off my car to walk into the church and she told me,baby I want the car ac on,I pretended like I did not hear it,until she repeated it,I gave her the key,as soon as service was over I came to my car and the fuel was empty,I did not complain,I just drove to the filling station and bought fuel . I am now tired of the relationship,is it ok if I dump her,before she finish my saving,this kind of girl is a gold digger I think . Advise


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