My fiance only makes love to me when my “spirit husband” comes calling
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February 9, 2017

My fiance only makes love to me when my “spirit husband” comes calling

From a female blog reader:

I just got engaged but am not excited about it. My man is this very rigid type,he is so stiff in bed,if u try to be creative he will call you a slut,so I just allow him do his boring sex. But recently before the engagement I found a method,I will always pretend like I am dreaming,I will be moaning in my sleep and holding my pillow, and shouting give it to me .when I know he is awake,my man will quickly wake me up and start to touch me,he will say my spirit husband can’t take over my body,this guy will bang me silly that night like he is fighting with somebody l.Most times he lives his dick inside of me and sleep off so that the spirit hubby won’t over take him .So I continued with that drama and it has been working ,but am tired. The energy I use to moan fake moan tAkes out 7 pants of blood from my system ,why can’t he just be normal without drama . Now we are getting married is this what I will be doing ? I even do it in the afternoon and my man will ask,don’t this spirit husband sleep ,but I must do that drama before he makes real love to me .I don’t want to cheat but it’s really frustrating . How else cab I make him improve because I have spoken to him and it’s not working .


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