My fiance is still giving money to his ex-girlfriend and her family
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March 16, 2017

My fiance is still giving money to his ex-girlfriend and her family

From a female blog reader:

I’ve been dating my fiancé for 6 years now and we are talking marriage n all but just yesterday he told me that while he was in the university he had sex with a girl which resulted into pregnancy though the girl had a boyfriend n was still with him at the time he had sex with her. Before delivery she told her sisters that my fiancé was the one responsible for the pregnancy but then After delivery the girl apologized to him for saying he was d one responsible that he’s not d one responsible for it. After like two years on a faithful day while he was still in school she called him again to tell him that he is the one responsible for the pregnancy n she threatened to go to his fathers house n tell him everything knowing the type of family my fiancé is coming from he begged her n agreed with her sisters to do a DNA test. As at wen he was in sch d cost of a DNA test was 100k+ he struggled n got 100k but every time the girls Aunty or sister will be calling him n telling him that the daughter (the child) is not in good shape, she’s looking unkept, she’s this she’s that n he kept on sending money to her even till now he still sends money to them. So he couldn’t do the DNA test.All this happened before I met him pls I need ur advice on what to do. I’m freaking scared that wen we finally do the test it’ll be positive I don’t know whr my life will start from. Pls notify me wen posted thank you.


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