My ex-boyfriend is owing me 3 million naira
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January 28, 2017

My ex-boyfriend is owing me 3 million naira

From a female blog reader:

Please how do I collect my money back. My boyfriend borrowed 3 million from me and promised to pay back,but ever since I borrowed him that money,he has been giving me attitude. Not picking my calls and refusing to reply my messages . Most times I visit his house,he will be acting all busy. He was able to send me 50 thousand when I sent him an insulting text message ,and he also broke up with me,asking me to give him time to gather the money . But it is getting to 1 year now and he has not giving it to me.I heard he was getting married few days ago so I confronted him in a fast food joint to give me my money,I screamed down the place and acted drama,he was able to give me 100 thousand that day ,out of 3 million. Am really frustrated and feel like a losser. How do I get my money back pls. Should I use the police ? But I have got not evidence,written or verbal . Should I storm his house and destroy his car and value properties? Am reallyfustrsred. Please I need serious advise. 


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