My boyfriend is very stingy. He’s a banker
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February 5, 2017

My boyfriend is very stingy. He’s a banker

From a female blog reader:

I’m having serious heart issues cos of my boyfriend. He’s a Banker. I have been on this platform to complain about him not taking care of my needs and most of u insulted me to work for myself and not depend on a guy. Well am serving presently and most corpers would tell you how hard it is to spend 19800. But before I served I was working so I really don’t have issues with money . I can’t come up here to tell you how much I spent on this guy’s birthday even with his twin. I know relationship is not all about money but if you find a guy that you people would continue loving up and he doesn’t spend a dime.. Is that one not stinginess? i talked to my friend about it and immediately I said Banker,the guy just screamed that I should forget it, bankers are extremely stingy. Please is it true? These days if it’s not a very serious matter he doesn’t chat me up. I told him I needed break cos I can’t continue with this whole saga. Oga dinnot even think to call me to talk about what I said yesterday o. I don’t even know If I did the right thing. Please I need answers and advice. Tnx


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