My boyfriend is very boring
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March 16, 2017

My boyfriend is very boring

From a female blog reader:

I have been in a relationship with this guy getting to 2years now with marriage plans in perspective. Now, the issue is that he’s not an outgoing person. For this two years, I have no memories to share of maybe an adventure or hang out whatsoever. He’s an indoor type. We stay together though. So most times it’s just go to work n come back home routine. The weekends he spends watching the TV or maybe doing stuffs on his phone and honestly it bores the hell outta me. I believe in love but I know love should be nurtured and grown. I tried talking to some married couples I know, and they it’s much better his an indoor person that I will get to appreciate it later. But this is not me honestly. Am a young attractive girl and I was hoping to meet someone I can explore life with. Is marriage supposed to be boring??? People will say am not ready to settle down but are life partners not supposed to go out sometimes to bond and have memories? I have been contemplating on living the relationship because I feel it can only get worst as am currently becoming a mirage of myself. Am not a freak with anything but I know a lil of whatsoever wouldn’t kill. Please he’s actually nice, helps in the kitchen, provides when he has and all. But the relationship is boring my brains out. And he will keep calling me to come back home anytime I go out or yet to be home from work, but when am home he does nothing but watch tv, maybe gist small and browse his phone. I’v told him we should try to go out sometimes and have some nice times but he wouldn’t try. When I keep talking about it he says it’s not an issue. Please what do I do?? thank you.


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