“My boyfriend is a Catholic priest but he beats me up over little issues”
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December 8, 2016

“My boyfriend is a Catholic priest but he beats me up over little issues”

From a female blog reader:

I completely love your platform. My story is very complicated and I’m in need of help. I just don’t know what kind of help. I met this man when I was 19. He was a priest who was newly transferred to my home parish. Don’t judge me ppl. Yea I wa s young and naive but it’s not like I didn’t know my right from my left. It was just hard to choose right when left was so fun. At least that’s what I thought. Well this priest, he was about 40 yrs of age. He was so fond of the family-me especially. I suspected he liked me too much. We exchanged numbers when I had a break up with my first bf and I was acting funny so my mum let him talk to me. He told me to focus on sch n forget about boys. I was in my 200L then. He’ll call to find out about school and send me money from time to time( with my mother’s permission) she didn’t suspect anything and she respected him too much. One day he travelled to the state where I studied and decided to say hello to me. One thing led to another and he ended up making love to me. Not his fault tho. He couldn’t help it. It was my first time. That’s how I found myself in a relationship with him 4 four years. He showered me with plenty money and gifts. After one year of posh treatment and being treated like a Queen, he suddenly became obsessed, jealous and over possessive. He started by telling me to delete and block every guy that likes or comments on my pic on social media. Then he started giving me small small slaps when I recieve calls from male friends. One day he tried strangling me for taking a man’s call. I got scared and tried to leave but he locked me in and left me there. Later he came back with gifts for me and apologised. That he loves me too much and can’t stand to see me talk to someone else. In his defence I’ll say he was faithful. He still is. Never talked or got involved with any woman. I lived with the small small violence until he started beating me seriously. He can beat me for anything. even for threatening to leave him. After beating, he can beg for Africa and I can’t resist when he goes down on his knees in tears. Pls help me


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