My boyfriend can never apologize when he’s wrong, woman cries out
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January 4, 2017

My boyfriend can never apologize when he’s wrong, woman cries out

My boyfriend can never apologize when he's wrong, woman cries out

From a female blog reader:

I feel like I’m gonna regret this email the moment I sent it…but, oh well!!
My story is a long one but I’m gonna be exact. I’m going thru relationship issues now and I really dunno who to talk to so I know what to do.
I’ve been dating for four years plus, and I love love love my bf. We are the perfect couple. It hasn’t been all perfection tho, but hey, no relationship is. I have a bit of a temper and i can overeact most times. He has flaws as well, but major one is ‘ego’. I know every guy has that but sometimes all you need say is “I’m sorry, I was wrong” and everything goes bk to normal. But my bf finds it really difficult to apologize and 75% of the time, I have to coax an apology from him jst so we can be cool and I can have peace of mind.
Now, we recently had a minor quarrel which is turning into something big…which is why I’m typing now.
We quarreled on the 28th Dec (partly my fault, but majorly his fault anyway) and he refused to talk to me…like all thru the whole day. And I’m uncomfortable with stuffs like him, so I tried to reach out to him but he wouldn’t bulge. He only came into town for the weekend with family to chill, and I overheard them discussing travel plans for the next day. And its annoying to me cos I’ve missed him for months and he comes around, picks up a fight with him and dares to leave without telling me? Anyway we spend the night on opp sides of the bed not speaking. The next day which he’s traveling, he packs up and is abt to leave just like dat without saying one word. I had to speak to him and ask him what is really wrong with him. I’d never do dat to him. Its annoying cos 70% of the time we have issues, if I don’t make an attempt to settle, he wouldn’t. Do I have to keep doing dat? It makes me feel like he’s more important to me than I am to him. And he makes remarks sometimes that hurts like “if you don’t wanna stay, u can go”, “if you are tired, tell me, I’m not forcing you”, ..stuffs like dat.
We haven’t settled yet. I’m just wondering if I should call as usual and make peace or wait it out. Its 3days ongoing now, and we are not talking. I know u guys will say 3days is small but I’m bothered cos in 4years of relationship,


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