Mourinho: I’ll beat up Arsene Wenger – Wenger reacts
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September 23, 2016

Mourinho: I’ll beat up Arsene Wenger – Wenger reacts

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger ahead of his team’s clash with Chelsea on Saturday, has berated a former manager of the club, Jose Mourinho. Wenger was reacting to a biography of the Manchester United manager written by Daily Mail where Mourinho was quoted once telling a journalist that he would love to approach Wenger in real life (outside the football pitch) and “break his face.”

Speaking on Friday, the French sportsman said:

“Look, I haven’t read the book and I certainly won’t read it. I cannot comment on that. I talk about football and that’s all I do. I’m not in a destructive mode, ever. I’m more constructive and I cannot comment on that because I’m focused on tomorrow’s game and how we want to play football.

“What is amazing is that has nothing to do with our game tomorrow. I personally am just focused on doing my job well and respecting everybody else.

“I do not want to especially comment because we play Chelsea tomorrow. I have no personal problem with anybody, I respect everybody in our game and I don’t feel I comment a lot on other teams.

“Sometimes I just say what I think, but that is part of the way I am.”


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