Man laments: My girlfriend's fart can kill a newborn baby
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February 4, 2017

Man laments: My girlfriend's fart can kill a newborn baby

From a mae blog reader:

My story might sound funny but it is not. Am not saying to fart is a crime, but my girlfriends fart can kill a new born baby, her fart smells like rotten egg, spoilt beans mixed with fish even when she eats rice. I have been enduring this thing with plastic smile, sometimes when she fart she will start laughing and coming to touch me, unto love making. So 3 days ago I decided to call her and talk to her to go for medical check up, she needed to see the doctor so that they wash her system because this is not normal. But instead she got upset and slapped me twice that I insulted her, and even packed her bag and left the house, but I noticed that she left a package for me, she farted in the room before leaving and every where was still stinking like pit tolite. I just used air freshener to spray the place. The problem now is that I saw her at my door step this morning,begging me that she is sorry, she will change what she eat and all that . But she has refused to wash her tommy am really scared of infection. How to I get her to go and wash this bad belly


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