Love making with my husband is very painful, newlywed cries out
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February 6, 2017

Love making with my husband is very painful, newlywed cries out

From a female blog reader:

Good day ma,Keep up the nice work.please help post on your Instagram page because I need to know what’s wrong with me or at least know if its normal before its ruins my marriage. I am a newly wed and I love my husband,he doesn’t show much emotions but I knew that for the 3years we dated and I decided its not a big issue because he has so many good qualities.The Main problem why I need advice is our sex life,My husband and I aren’t very sexually active,during our honeymoon we had sex just once….I know he is not cheating and I would never cheat either.The reason for the “Almost No Sex Marriage” is that sex is always painful for me,I have this burning sensation whenever I have sex with him,its so hurts that I have to open my legs in pain for hours after sex,Its a bit less painful when he uses condom but it still hurts either way… Once his sperm touches me,It’s like pepper,People might say “Are you sure you aren’t allergic to his sperm”,I don’t tink its my husband because this happened with my exes way before I got married n I have been treating it medically(Doctor said it was candidasis)as long as I could remember way before I met my husband.It will reduce abit after each comprehensive treatment and in few days,It will be like it never stopped.My Dad got a Traditional Doctor to get me traditional medicine before my wedding, My husband n I drank the very bitter liquids for 2months abstaining from each other during this period n after two month, We tried sex with Condon few times,It was like God finally answered my prayers cause it seems Like it was gone but few days later,I was back to Square one with the painful sex.Its now like I run from my husband n I don’t want this to destroy my happy home.We both Tested Negative to Hiv severally.I don’t itch and I dont have fluids discharge, I am normal till I engage in sex,My husband speaks of the kind of sex he wants me to initiate/Wants Us to Engage in Tho he has been understanding but for how long? Please help Me.


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