Lady cries out: I love him but he did this to me
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March 22, 2017

Lady cries out: I love him but he did this to me

From a female blog reader:

Pls hide my identity.Am @my early 20s and am in love with a guy of 31,i knw he loves me nd we’ve been going out for d past 10months now,he is every thing any woman would ask for, caring,loving,handsome,soft and rich but the issue here is that ever since we started dating,there’s this section in his house that each time we are there he doesn’t talk to me he only gives me signs like i should walk fast, this section leads to his bed room and his brother’s room is also in that i was thinking that he behaves like that because of his brother,but this same attitude continued even when his brother in the sitting room he will always act funny there,so i decided to knw what was there,because i was already thinking that my boyfriend is a ritualist and may be the room he uses is in that section,so that day he went out with his brother,so i decided to check the place just to clear my doubt,so i climbed down from the stairs and went straight to the first room in that section and then i relaxed my body on the door and opened it quietly behold i saw an old woman on top of the bed so before she could see me i quickly closed the dooor and ran back to my boyfriends room.he called me some minute leta when i picked he was like so i left you in my room u and went down and started opening all the doors in my house right?so i told him no that i did not do that,and then he said he was asking me bcus his brother,s frnd called him and she told him that some 1 opened the door and closed it back,when he came back he still asked me the same question but i still did not tell him the i decided to ask him about it bcus it was really disturbing me. When i asked him, he lost it and he started insulting me,calling me all kinds of names he said i was just been nosy and that he owes me no explanation that am not his wife and that i should leave him alone and never call his number again.he said that the woman i saw in that room was his mum and that he did not want to tell me that his mum was around so that i won’t start saying that he doesn’t want me to meet his mum.He really insulted me,am confused.


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