Lady complains about her boyfriend: He doesn’t want to hustle
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January 26, 2017

Lady complains about her boyfriend: He doesn’t want to hustle

From a female blog reader:

I met this guy 3years ago while he was working for his uncle,we were in a relationship until he decided to end it. I was devastated but i was lucky to get a good job in the North so i relocated to heal. About 10months later,i got a transfer back to Lagos,he re connected and started seeing each other again and this time he is serious .
But the issue is this…his company is joy doing well just before we broke up so he has been out of job since then and he is not even trying to get another.
This guy’s hustle is so latent that it is annoying. If i ccan relocate to the north with the crisis to get a livelihood,i cant comprehend why a man cant just hustle.
I can afford to provide for us now but i am human and i dont tink i can keep that up.
I have mentored him all i can but he thinks i am particular about money but really it is the lack of drive that is killing.
I want to break up with because the future is bleak and i cant risk being in a marriage where financial security is at risk.
But i love him so much and i just want advise if i am doing the right thing?


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