Jimi Agbaje picks PDP national chairmanship nomination form
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August 10, 2016

Jimi Agbaje picks PDP national chairmanship nomination form

Former Lagos State governorship aspirant Jimi Agbaje has been confirmed in the race for the seat of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)’s national chairman. The 59-year-old pharmacist picked up his nomination form on Tuesday 9 August 2016 while assuring party faithfuls that he’ll remove the split among members of the PDP if elected national chairman.

His words:

“We accept that mistakes were made in the past in the PDP, especially with our internal democracy. So we have to go back to the position of the founding fathers of our party on internal democracy

“And that means that we have go back to our constitution. That is very important. We have to be more all inclusive as we have been thus far. It is about bringing people nearer rather than sending them far away from the party. Everybody must feel to be part of this party.

“What I bring to the table is that I am not a member of any faction or any tendencies. I am in a position to talk to everybody, to ensure that if you love the PDP, then it is time to come back to the zone. I will appeal to those who feel very strongly to join us because Nigeria cannot make the progress it deserves without a viable opposition and that PDP is going to provide that opposition as an alternative government and in a responsible manner.”

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