It's been 8 months we broke up yet I can't get over her!
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January 26, 2017

It's been 8 months we broke up yet I can't get over her!

From a male blog reader:

Please how long does it take to get over a break up….. Men are emotionally strong, but trust me, break up gets to them too. I broke up with my gf for over 8 months now and yet I still keep tinkin abt her. I av deleted her number off my phone, unfrnd her on all social media platforms so that I dont see her photos, blocked her on whatsapps etc, but guess what, after 8 months, I still find myself searching for her name on facebook and checking her pictures for no reason. I have blocked nd unblocked her more dan 100times on whatsapp jst to chck her DP. I try really hard to supress remembering her but it has almost turned to an inner war am fighting everyday. I am a very busy person so you would expect that with my hectic schedules, I should easily forget her but I could jst be working and suddenly a flash of her jst kom to mind. Its been 8months for heaven’s sake. Please how long does it take to get over a realthnsp. I decided I was not going to jump into any new relationship for now cos I know my judgmnt would be clouded and I would jst strt a new relatnshp bcos I want to forgt her not bcos I love d new person nd dats wrong so I av decided I wont go into any new relatnahp for now. We broke up peacefully due to the two of us being CHOLERICS. We r both very stubborn nd we both discovered things wouldnt work out. I wasnt cheating on her or d likes dat cause breakup btwn pple, things just dint work out and we jst knew it was best we go our diffrnt ways. Another thing is we dint even have sex all tru d relationship as I wasnt ready to suddenly father a baby(I dont trust condoms and contraceptives), and it was against my moral conviction too to engage in premarital sex(I am not claiming that I am holy tho, only Jesus is) and I told her I dont want to av sex. Which she agreed on all tru d relatnshp. So I wud av said maybe bcos we had good sex truout d relatnshp dats why it is hard to forget her. But no, there was no sex. But pls for how long will she be on mind for heaven’s sake. How long does it take to get over a breakup


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