Is she the right one for me?
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December 29, 2016

Is she the right one for me?

From a male blog reader:

I started dating this lady Feb last year, We Merry Xmas and Happy New year. Many Many returns with Good life and better health IJN. good for each other, I mean potential couples. She is still in school while myself works with a firm. All of a sudden in the course of the relationship she resist any form of romantic moves either kisses or touches whenever I visit her in school. She rarely say sweet words, whenever I come up with questions like “why do you resist any form of romantic move or why are you so poor in term of saying sweet words? The answer I get is ” I know her background and how she was trained, she is not exposed to all those kind of romantic moves and hasn’t been in such a serious relationship before now ” My problem, I am ready for marriage but all her attitudes makes me think she is not ready. Could it be that I am been friendzoned? What’s the end product of this type of relationship? Should I still keep up with her or move on with my life. Happy Xmas and New Year.


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