Is he using marriage to deceive me?
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January 11, 2017

Is he using marriage to deceive me?

From a female blog reader:

Am really tired of my relationship but am scared of letting go because I don’t have a plan B. Ever since I met my boyfriend I have been using my money to pay transport or flight ticket to go see him. We met online and got talking, we spoke for 2 months and was into each other,even made love over the phone severally, until we decided to see but he said he was broke that period so I decided to use my money to go see him. This guy scattered my brains with sex, but I noticed that he always avoids bringing out money. I used my money to the market to cook for him and his flat mates. I noticed the provision in the house was finished, I used my money to replace it, I did not drink it o. When I was going back he just drove me to the pack after sex that morning and waited until the bus left. This has continued for 6 months now and he is always begging to see me but he is always broke to pay my transport fair . One day I asked him does it mean you can’t make plans when am coming, he said he can’t kill him self that if he does not have he can’t die. This guy is a banker and drives a good car, and this transport am talking about is just at most 5k and nothing more.
I even send him recharge card sometimes to call me. Yesterday I told him to tell me if this relationship will lead to the future and he said yes he wants to marry me. And I wonder, marry when u can’t pay common transport to come see you.i have been reading fuck boy and runs girl story since yesterday, please family judge this case, is my boyfriend a fuck boy or a broke boy. Should I hang on or run ?
He said he will marry me 


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