“I’m Yoruba but my girl’s Igbo mum won’t let me marry her”
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December 22, 2016

“I’m Yoruba but my girl’s Igbo mum won’t let me marry her”

From a male blog reader:

I’d love to get comments that Wld help me take a decision on what to do next.
I’ve bn in a relationship with an igbo girl. We’ve bn steady for about 5years now and I can say without doubt that we are in love with each other and are ready for the long haul. I want to wife her. I’ve met her parents and of course there was the initial resistance given that I am Yoruba but somehow, her parents are now cool with it but the only other challenge is that my mom doesn’t like the idea. She says she has nothing against my girl but she keeps clinging to visions from diff pastors and prophets who are saying I should not go ahead with this marriage but not giving a definite reason why. But I live my girl. And i’ve known her these past years besides she’s well groomed and from a strong christian background. I can’t seem to relate what mom says with the person I know and it’s puting such strain on our rel. That has bn sweet until all‎ of this marriage talk began.
Now my plan is for us to go do a registry marriage and get her pregnant then maybe mom Wld reconsider her stance with a grand child on the way. Or sth like that.
This plan sounds shaky but I really love this girl. We’ve bn through thick and thin together and she’s the one I see in my big picture.
Confused me.
Pls no nasty comments. This is some serious stuff.


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