I’m planning to dump my wife because she can’t cook, man laments
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December 23, 2016

I’m planning to dump my wife because she can’t cook, man laments

From a male blog reader:

I think I’m married to the wrong sister!
I love my wife but she’s getting on my last nerve. Don’t get me wrong my wife has her good qualities. She’s very classy..like the regal kind. When it comes to her job she can work like a horse. She’s sweet and very generous. She spoils me and my siblings and parents with gifts and her sex game is a 100 but my issue with her is that she can waka for Nigeria.
Literally her name should be Jegede. She’s never comfortable in one place she likes to go from here to there. If I ever stop her from going out she’ll look for one excuse that she wants to buy dispenser water and leave the house. We can’t even spend a whole 24 hrs together inside the house. Asides that’s she also doesn’t cook. I noticed them while we were dating but I thought the waka waka will stop when we get married but I was wrong and she was also taking catering/cooking classes cus I told her that I love food and a woman that can cook. Now she cooks ok but she doesn’t like to cook. We got married earlier this year and I can tell u I’ve eaten her food not more than 5 times. She doesn’t like to eat either now she’s suffering from ulcer.
On the other hand her younger sister is a very good chef. She’s very homely and down to earth. She doesn’t like to leave the house even outings with her friends, and she doesn’t have a lot of them. She’s everything a man wants in a woman. I overheard her once telling my wife to start cooking for me and my wife replied that she’s not cut out for such life. Now her sister will be serving by next year January and my wife suggested that we get a cook. We don’t have kids yet. And this is the woman I planned to spend the rest of my life with but as it is now I don’t think I want to enter a new year with her. Is this how she wants to be taking care of me and my kids. Right now she’s supposed to be packing to travel to the village so I’ll show my new wife as customs permit but I dunno where the hell she is. I dunno if I should just take her back to her parents house from there. I even cook for her to show her that cooking is not such a big deal. I’ve talked to her since they say communication is the key. I can’t even get mad for so long.


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