I’m planning of leaving my marriage, man laments
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December 28, 2016

I’m planning of leaving my marriage, man laments

I'm planning of leaving my marriage, man laments

From a male blog reader:

Thank you for the good job, keep it up.
got married a year and 2 months ago, God blessed us recently with a bouncing baby boy born in the USA, afterward, my wife refuses me of sex stating that she is not interested in love making, prior to her conceiving and before marriage, we make luv regularly and she always make the move, we made luv every corner of the house(then my family house.
The story has changed now, I beg for love making which she stylishly turns down, every time and it hurts me.
she never shows respect, she hardly greets me in the morning and she gives more attn to our son.
i dont even have a sex mate outside cos off the love and respect.
she prefers i drive her out to wherever she wishes which i wiling do but now i have made her know that she’s using me and has turned me to her driver and sort of messenger.
i have a valid US visa, am thinking of just leaving the house unannounced and just forget the marriage and then move on.
her family members cant talk to her cos she will flare up and the fear of them not getting financial aid from her.
candid advice please. urgent.
n.b. i have concluded plan to go to the us in few months time.


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