I’m maltreated because of my small size, girl cries out
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January 15, 2017

I’m maltreated because of my small size, girl cries out

From a female blog reader:

This is not a relationship story per se but It’s been eating me up&I’m tired of dieing I’m silence.Im 27 but I’m being treated like a 10year old every day &everywhere I go meaning I’m very smallish &skinny plus deep voice.I know it’s good to look younger than your age but my case is totally different.Im the first and only skinny child in my family.Im that friend that gets left out when hanging out with a group of friends.im the black sheep everywhere I go. I’ve developed inferiority complex. My social life is 0%.iv tried weight supplements, gone to hospitals to be sure I’m fine healthwise(blood group O+,genotype AA).iv lost 2 relationships because their parents feel I look unhealthy.Any gathering with friends turns to question and answer session for me on why I’m still skinny,types of food&supplements 2 take,how to get a bf&feminine voice etc. All i hear everywhere&everyday of my life is man, food, weight, voice.im tired of always amending clothes to my size.its depressing. I constantly bury myself in work&doing masters far away 4rm family&friends 2 get busy &distracted. Iv lost all hope on love, social life&honest friendship.im tired of living like this.Dont know what else to do. Any idea or suggestions?


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