I'm disappointed in my so called lover, woman cries out
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January 11, 2017

I'm disappointed in my so called lover, woman cries out

From a female blog reader:

Thanks for this wonderful platform were we can share problems bothering us. Please keep me anonymous . I met a certain cute guy.He was fun and jovial to people around him.I mean hanging out with him is fun and he’s a ladies man because he’s too cute. we got to know each other and we started growing fond of each other then we began dating.He’s 30years old and from a broken home and also the only male child of his family and I’m 23yrs old. At the initial stages of our dating,he calls me often and he chats me up a lot.After sometimes,he hardly calls but prefers chatting.Now it has gotten to an extent where it takes him ages to reply my chat and if I call him, he doesn’t pick and would never return my calls.I know nothing about his family and the only thing he tells me is their names and he gist me about them.I don’t even know where he stays.He said he doesn’t want me to know where he stays because I could be used as a trap to get to him.He’s this kind of guy that calls all his female contacts baby and even tell them I love you.When I go through his phone and ask him why is it so? He tells me he enjoys chat with the ladies and enjoys playing with their head.But I know he visits some and only God knows wat happens next. Women abroad even sents him money and promise to come see him in Nigeria then he will take permission from me to give them what they want (sex).Can u imagine that? He told me he likes big looking girls with full legs cos it turns him on but I’m a Skinny lady.when I ask him what is he doing with me? He tells me he doesn’t know why he fell in love with me and dating me. I got fed up with his attitude and complained but he still doesn’t change until I took a decision by telling him I can’t do this anymore . He told me to follow my heart, of which I did. After that, he chats me up first, tells me how much he misses me and how I have changed him from whom he used to be( a flirt) and he tells me he loves me. I was just waiting for him to apologise and promise to change for good but I was not seeing that forthcoming rather he tells me how he has failed in 98% of our relationship


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