I want to take her serious but she begs too much
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February 7, 2017

I want to take her serious but she begs too much

From a male blog reader:

I met this pretty girl but she gave me the impression that she was from a rich home on our first date,not until the next date,baby buy me airtime.baby subscribe for me.baby my hair is old .baby I saw a shoe online.We never have any meaningful conversation if not buy me this or dat. I use to buy all she wanted until I could no longer swallow it again so I started avoiding her. But she will come begging . The day we went to the mall,this girl made sure she spent all the money inside my wallet and what pissed me off was when she said,bAby use your ATM na.I got very upset with her and raised my voice. Do you know this girl called me stingy slapped me and walked out. She is still begging me . Is she a wife material ? Should I over look ? Is it normal with ladies ? I really want to know 


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