I think he wants to date my colleague. What should I do?
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February 4, 2017

I think he wants to date my colleague. What should I do?

From a female blog reader:

There is a guy I dated while we were serving during 2015 and after some months he broke up with me claiming God did not approve of our relationship.We continued talking as friends even after the break up, I don’t know how to stop talking to him cos I really love him and all my colleagues in the office knew about us. We always keep in touch before now like everyday cos he is not in a relationship now and he knew I really loved him. All d relationship av bin in av always compared him with them. He was d first guy I Eva fell in love with. He feels because am not a churchy kind of person he can’t be with me but he knew I wasn’t a churchy person before he asked me out. Recently I noticed that he has bin communicating with a colleague of mine in the same office with him. And I have a feeling that she will be d person that will suit the kind of person he will date. And av noticed all dese but I just want to clear my doubts


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