I really like him but there's no love
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January 30, 2017

I really like him but there's no love

From a female blog reader:

I would like to know what to do; so, I will not regret my decision after. Thus, I would like to hear your opinions and advices on my issue. There is this guy that has been on my case for more than a year, but I was not interested in him. He fought his way till I finally decided to give him a chance by getting to know him better. Time passing by, I discovered that he was everything a woman could ask for. He is gentle, polite, nice and caring. My main issue is my feeling toward him. I do not love him. I tried to force myself to but I could not. I do not want to play with his feelings; I have been played before and refused to hurt someone the way I was. My fear is to let him go and regret after. I always thought that love was supposed to be shared and natural. Should I just stay and learn to love him or go but being unsure about the future? Thanks you so much for your prompt and direct answers.


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