“I need help. I think my girlfriend is insane”
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January 14, 2017

“I need help. I think my girlfriend is insane”

From a male blog reader:

I need help.
The way my girlfriend cums is very scary and I can’t stand this anymore. When we first met,she tore my bed sheet and ate my pillow into pieces but I saw it like adventure and it was a turn on for me, as the dating continued she got worse,since I always take out all the pillows before we make love but she will bring another method like hitting her head on the bed,dragging her hair and screaming, the way she grabs me sometimes is like a horror movie, I will just be begging her to calm down. Her eyes will become so red and her body will be shaking. Once she just cum she will now faint,I will have to start looking for water to use in waking her up. This has gone on for 3 months and am getting really scared. Many times I try not to make her cum but she will be screaming, hit it hard, hard am cumming.? I really need help as this is not a joke. I love her yes but am really scared she might drop dead someday. You all need to see her eyes it turns pure red, sometimes she will be sweating, shouting and shaking and it’s really scary . I need advise, how do I run from her without hurting her ?


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