“I love her but she did this to me”
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January 5, 2017

“I love her but she did this to me”

"I love her but she did this to me"

From a male blog reader:

I am a young man of 28 years. I met this lady last year during my Master program, we get along so well n i really love her, in fact i had never fell in love like that before. The relationship started well she show me alot of love back, but she suddenly change. She lies to cover her greed and when caught she till lies to cover up, she keeps her phone from me to cover her social media dating. I complain and became so nagging, a times, she wont pick my calls and so on n so on. Last month we were together and I forcefully try to collect her phone but to cover her greed she destroy the phone which i bought for her during her last birthday while dragging it from me, things went wrong she bite me severely and push me out of her house, that was the last time i saw her. I have been battling with this all this while cos i really love this girl but she keep hurting me, we later resolve on phone but she still did not want to change, she ask me to stop nagging and be calm with her which i did but the story did not change, she will b online n won’t read or reply my chat, she wont pick my calls a times n wont reply texts. Hello guys, I’m afraid of loosing this girl cos i really love her and i also want to move on, i have so many things to concentrate on. Pls help me I’m dying.
She’s also a follower of this forum.   


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