“I just found out her mum is my ex-sugar mummy”
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January 11, 2017

“I just found out her mum is my ex-sugar mummy”

From a male blog reader:

My situation is twisted.
Back in my uni days I use to be a gigolo that sleep with married women. Slept with lots of them that I have lost count now, not until after school I got a job and repented and now in a very serious relationship. It took me time to really make up my mind to marry her but because she has been a nice and patience girl I just had to choose her,added with the fact that she is carrying my child.
I have her met sisters twice, not until the day we decided to Travel to go see her family officially before the introduction. When we got to the house I met just her dad, which he told us that her mum went to the market, the man was so nice and accommodating,we spoke about politics and football, he was my kind of person too. Not until her mum drove in, as soon as I heard her voice,something told me I knew that voice, so immediately she stepped into the sitting room, it was she. Her mum was one of my major costumers far back in school and I recognized her voice because of the way she moan very loud so her voice never left my brain. She recognized me too but we just played along. We left the next day but lodged in a hotel.
After that day I have not spoken to her mum again and she has not called me too, but am not comfortable with the recent development. I can’t tell my girlfriend and am scared that my girlfriend might be like her mother in future. Should I ask her to abort the baby? I just need a good reason to call off the relationship am really confused because I have a feeling that I might still sleep with her mum. I just need help pls. Am blank .   


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