I have a huge crush on a married man, lady narrates
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October 16, 2016

I have a huge crush on a married man, lady narrates

From a female blog reader:

Kindly post this and keep me anonymous. I have a huge crush on a senior colleague. Initially, I just admired him but as I stayed longer at my workplace, it grew into a strong crush. My body vibrates and I flush hard whenever I see him. This man is all shades of tall dark and sexy! I’ve never asked but I’m sure he’s married cos he’s much older but I really want to shag him and make him a stable bf. I have planned how we can date each other and be super discreet about it smoothly in my head.
Only problem is, this man never looks my way every time. I’m not even sure he knows I exist, neither am I sure if he’s into extra marital affairs. Anyway, I don’t care about all of that because I believe we can make it work.
I need your advice on how to send him signals indirectly (while acting innocent) so he can make a move and we can be together.
No insults please…this is a serious issue.


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