I feel like giving my husband rat poison, married woman laments
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October 14, 2016

I feel like giving my husband rat poison, married woman laments

From a female blog reader:

Been married for about a year now,my problems are my husband has neva bought me a gift since we married asin he has not for one day appreciated me by getting me a gift he will rather go n sit with his friends n drink n also pay for their drinks n b forming big boy,another thing is he hardly drops money for food. He will want to eat a particular food but he cant buy it,for example he knows i like yam if i say lets buy yam he will say its expensive But if i buy it with my money he will b the first to go dere to eat. Am really fed up of his stingyness. He has neva given money to buy stuffs for myself,i do everything myself n wen i buy clothes with my money he will be angry. And even with dat he still cheats,he will go out and spend 30k on a woman while me am here spending for myself n taking care of the house. I feel like giving him rat poison i swear,how long will this continue,we hve no kids yet,wat will happen wen kids start coming. I hve sat him down on several occasions to talk to him but he still wont change. Am tired of having to take up the responsibilities,its not like he doesnt hve money he has d money infact hes very ok. If i borrow 500 naira from him he will collect it back,he monitors my fone for credit alerts, i dnt even check his fone not to talk of checking how he spends money. It was just some weeks back i checked his laptop n saw him telling a friend he gave a girl 30 just to shag her. Plz Help me


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