“I don’t know where I went wrong with our once beautiful relationship”
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November 16, 2016

“I don’t know where I went wrong with our once beautiful relationship”

From a female blog reader:

I have been with my bf for 8months and we were friends for about 2 yrs before that. There’s been ups and downs but I can’t understand this. He gave me a promise ring during our 6months and he took it back and flushed it down the drain after an argument. He gave me another one about two weeks ago as a “commitment ring” I initially didn’t want to take it because of what happened first but then I yielded. Two days ago we were watching series online on his phone and he got a call. After he answered the screen went back to the home screen and I saw some dating apps. I asked why he had them and he gave me this flimsy excuse that his friend downloaded it on his phone. I don’t talk much so I let it go but I realised it was logged in. I left later when I was ready to but I think he sensed I was upset so he followed. I then told him I wasn’t mad but whatever he’s doing with the ladies he’s chatting he should just stop because it’s supposed to be me and him against the world(he opened the app and I saw a log in with an alias and the same on his Skype). What did I say wrong here? He started shouting and I told him to lower his voice because this isn’t even something to argue about. He took the commitment ring and asked for a break up. I didn’t say anything. I just went to pick up the few stuff I had at his place and my laptop because I study there sometimes. When I got there he had already packed up my stuff. Hmm.Long story short…he started calling me names and hit me. He beat me like a boy. Used my head to hit a wall,the door and threw me on the floor. Then he started choking me. I couldn’t breathe so I put my fingers in his eyes and then I left. Of course tried retaliating because I’m only human. I went and sat in my car and cried like a baby. I screamed and cried till I was satisfied. As if all that wasn’t enough, he came to my car,called me a bastard and slammed my door. I’m in the hospital from all the bruises I received undergoing x rays and stuff. What did I do wrong? I’ve thought about it for days and I don’t have any answer. Please help. 


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