“I don’t know if we are dating or he played me”
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December 6, 2016

“I don’t know if we are dating or he played me”

 From a female blog reader:

Hey please i need your advice sweethearts and also insults..am in a confused state I’m 24yrs old and after my last relationship I swore never to get into one again to date and be loyal to my work for over a year and 7months I have been loyal to my work until last month I meet this guy God-fearing and focused but we both only talked about business since we are into the same thing but mine is much more stressful than his we became friends and helped each other with work up until a day he invited me to his church I went the church is at lagos mainland while I stay at the island I had to stay with him after service so he could drop me at a friends place at the mainland later in the evening he called and said I should fellow him to a friend’s birthday party during the party I wasn’t free to behave my normal self hence he is churchy long story short during the party he kissed me I wasn’t angry atall it was awkward till we got home later I realised I actually liked him we started hanging out and all before I knew what was happening i had sex with him note he didn’t ask me out it just happened after like some days he changed and turned to this always busy type more than me I had to call him to know what exactly we were doing dating or fooling around he asked me if I would be able to date a guy that is always busy I couldn’t reply I kept quiet after a while he hugged and kissed me telling me everything would be fine after that day I messaged him and told him I will date him and near saw him like I was busy only for me talk to him few days go he said he never asked me out and whereas we are into the same business and we can’t date please what should I do


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