“I caught my boyfriend inside a club”
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January 22, 2017

“I caught my boyfriend inside a club”

From a female blog reader:

I really need you to post
> this urgently.Its really driving me crazy. I have an ex
> which are really close and he still loves me so much, but we
> broke up due to some things. I have a new bf now, we’ve been
> dating for like 4 mnths now. He was all sweet at first,
> swept me off my feet for the first 2 months but he started
> acting all busy and not always calling. I ignored all that
> and was still calling him. Sometimes, we fight and he won’t
> even call for days until i call and we settle it. So,
> sometime last week i told him i really felt like clubbing if
> he could take me cos i don’t wanna go w/o him. But he said
> he was travelling on wed and won’t be back till sun. I
> mentioned it to my ex and he volunteered to take me and my
> friend on fri. On getting to the club, i met my bf there wit
> his friends. I dragged him outside and asked him, what he
> was doing here. He told me he changed his mind abt
> travelling and does not have airtime to call which is a lie.
> So, he told we will talk later and i entered the club with
> my ex &friend.. Since that day he hasn’t called me and
> its a week already. I really wanna call him but my friends
> keep telling me not to that,he is gonna put all the blame on
> me that my ex brought me to club and i’m dying to talk to
> him. Bom fam, do you guys think i should call him or just
> ignore him till he calls?


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