“I broke up with him but now I feel very bad”
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September 28, 2016

“I broke up with him but now I feel very bad”

"I broke up with him but now I feel very bad"

From a female blog reader:

Pls I’m in a confused state rn. So I have this boyfriend he’s really sweet, caring, fun to be with and everything I want in a guy. Buh of recent he’s be acting up he hardly calls, I do most of the calling sometimes he’ll be online and not chat me up and I was really hurt Coz he sed he loves and cares abt me. Buh yet he hardly checks up on me. So abt last week I got so frustrated I sent a long msg to him on WhatsApp abt how I felt and I broke up with him. Buh he’s response to the breakup wasn’t encouraging coz he didn’t beg me or anything like that. And he still hasn’t contacted me. Actually b4 the breakup I complained abt his behavior and he sed I should be patient that everything will work out well @ the end that was like early August. So rn I’m really confused bcoz I really love him I can’t get over him I thought being single would make me happier coz I wasn’t happy in the relationship buh unfortunately I’m not I realized that being with him and hearing his voice every time we speak on phone puts me in a very good condition.Now I’m thinking I made a mistake by breaking up with him. Maybe I should have been patient with him.I’m a really proud girl I’m the kinda girl that doesn’t go back to her vomit unless its worth it.And for me having this thought of going back to him it means I really love him buh I just don’t wanna regret it afterwards.
Now my friends are saying I shouldn’t go back that he’s not worth it, that he’ll never change, that he just wants my body blah blah. And I spoke to sm1 recently and she sed if my heart really wants him I should go back to him. And I really love him. Iont know wah to do joro pls should I go back to him or I should move on. Pls I need advice. No insults pls. And post my story


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