His wife has put me in dilemma, side chick laments
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October 5, 2016

His wife has put me in dilemma, side chick laments

From a female blog reader:

I have been celibate for over 2years ago until i met this guy about a month ago. My celibacy wasn’t born out religion (I am a christian), it was because I love having good sex and the guys i met were abit lazy so i decided until i find a good guy to fuck, am gonna keep my cookie to keep marinating. Anyway, this guy i met is married (Feb. 2016) with a kid(born out of wedlock 3years ago), he told me straight up but he likes me and i said cool let’s be fuck budddies and that was how it stared. We fucked everyday, sometimes twice for 3weeks straight and it was amazing. Between those times, i will cook (I love to cook and fuck) for him and we go to d gym 2geda and on dinner dates always. it basically became a relationship without any feelings atleast on my path. About a week ago, he travelled to go see his family in another state and he kept insisting we talk and text everyday, i told him we r not in a relationship, but he kept insisting, sending me lovey msg and pictures and and all that. His wife found out after she went thru his phone and called to insult to me, sending me threats and curses, i quickly forwarded it to him and told him that i don’t do drama and that’s it’s over between us. He called and was apologising and said he will be back the next day, and he did. Since he came back i fucked him just once and i told him i am really done and it was good bye fuck. This morning i was on my own when i text came in, claiming that it was wife. She was begging me to pls go back to her husband because when he left he didn’t keep any money for upkeep and even last month end he told her he wasn’t going to send her any cash since she chased me away and that he was going to womanise until his sick fall off. She told me that even when he was with her, he barely touched her or her food that was why she snooped and found my number. This evening she called and i didn’t pick and she still sent me a msg to apologize again and to tell me that if i don’t go back to her husband, she and her daughter will starve. This is too much wahala for me and i am really over this guy, i am just not attracted to him anymore. Pls


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