His love is “like Buhari’s change”
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January 19, 2017

His love is “like Buhari’s change”

From a female blog reader:

Ive been friends with this guy for over a year + until 3months ago I broke up with my boyfriend.last month,our closeness became questionable.He was always around me morning till night,We did everything and anything together,he always had my back and kept supporting me.He was at my beck and call.We became really tight that we started feeling for each other and before you know it we fell in love with each other.Hes everything I want in a guy so it was worth it.By the way I told him I’m a virgin so he agreed to wait till I’m ready…Suddenly things changed,he started hanging out with his friends all the time than coming around,he stopped coming around and when I do go around,he wants to go chill with his friends,He chats me up once in a gold moon,he stopped seeing me practically for no reason I talked to him about it the first time and he practically went on his knees to beg and promised to change saying “he can’t imagine life without me…Just a week later, he’s back to behaving the way he does and when I tried talking to him about it again.he says I’m turning to a nag,he says he can’t change for anyone cause that’s how he his..I was shocked cause I never saw this change coming I think Buharis change is better than what I experienced…I got so weak,tired and frustrated and I wrote him a letter last week breaking up cause I didn’t have the courage to say it to him..I dropped by at his house yesterday and he says he doesn’t ever want to see me,he says I’m evil for having the mind to break up the way I did,he says he’s moving on and no longer feels anything for me,Now I’m unsure of how I feel,deep down in me It feels right breaking up with him but again this love in my heart for him is unexplainable,Please what should I do,im open to curses,criticisms and advises


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