He’s always asking me for sex after I already told him where I stand
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February 7, 2017

He’s always asking me for sex after I already told him where I stand

From a female blog reader:

I really love your post and I think I should share mine to…I’m 23yrs and I’ve had a lot of heart break in my past relationships….I’ve been single for the past two years now..but just of recent I met a guy 30years of age and I decided to give relationship a try.. This guys love me so much and he wants me to get married to him this year which I’m not ready cos I still want to further with my education…but still I told him we just met,my parent don’t even know him yet talk less of getting married to someone I just met 2month ago. One more thing he ask me for sex which I told him I’m not ready for that to, anytime he ask me for sex,I get upset thinking about what had happen in the past…one faithful day we were chatting and he ask again”darling we should make love sometime soon” and I replied” I told you I’m nt ready” then he said “can i av it with sum1else”…I was really surprised and short of words..when he noticed my mood has changed…he told me he is no longer interested in that anymore.To cut it short…the problem now is he still ask me for sex, I don’t even no if I love the guy again because I what had happened in the past, and I do av this feeling that the relationship won’t last bcs of his urge getting marries this yr or next yr…which I’m not ready….pls I don’t know what to do help me out??


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