“He wants to marry me but he’s too lazy for my liking”
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December 20, 2016

“He wants to marry me but he’s too lazy for my liking”

"He wants to marry me but he's too lazy for my liking"

From a female blog reader:

Please keep me anonymous
I need your urgent advise.
I m in my early 30s with a decent job. There’s this guy whom I dated like 6 years ago. I left him because he was unserious with his education and i had to relocate to another Country. He was lazy, very laid back and I was the man of the relationship. He waited on me to do everything. I linked up with him last year, thinking he would be a different person and would have at least changed. To my surprise he is still as lazy as he used to be. He doesn’t have a job and he wants us to get married at all cost this December. Now i am back in Nigeria and my parents are on my neck to get married.My parents love him and feel things would get better. but I have just been forcing myself to love him but the love is not even there. What should I do guys? Should I settle? Or wait?


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