He shattered my heart after he did this…
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December 13, 2016

He shattered my heart after he did this…

From a female blog reader:

Am so heart Broken right now,i met this guy last year October his 9 years older,where I went for my IT and we started dating,he told me about a white girl he had and there was nothing serious that she had a child for someone else and he’s just in for something….green card I figured,he was the first and only guy I ever slept with till date,at first it was all nice and all,i agree I am young an naive,he started acting funny early this year when I went back to school ,all busy busy,he later told me we was going to London to sort himself out but he would be back in a couple of months and I asked him severally if he still wanted this relationship and he said yes,he wasn’t rich to me so I won’t say it’s for the money then suddenly in June he stopped calling and his lines were not going through and today I looked up his Facebook account and saw he was engaged to that white lady….I am torn


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