He collects half of my salary, now wants to marry me
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October 23, 2016

He collects half of my salary, now wants to marry me

From a female blog reader:

I need critical advise.
Few years ago my boyfriend got me a job but he made me sign an agreement with him that I will be giving his 40% of my monthly salary or he will sell the job to another person. Because I was desperate and tired of staying at home, I agreed and ever since then I have been keeping to my agreement.
We have dated for 4 years now and I automatically give him half of my salary which he still fucks me ontop of it and I still spend on him. He hardly gives me money when I ask, but if he wants to give me he will ask me to collect 10k or 5k from the money am suppose to give him at the end of the month, when it’s time for me to pay he will subtract it. The highest money he ever gave to me was xmas when he asked me not to pay him for that month and use the money to shop.
My problem now is that he proposed yesterday, asking me to marry him.
But am still thinking about it because it is strange to me that a man who wants to marry me will be collection my salary. Automatically that means I work for every penny he spends on me. I need advise cause am really irritated . And I think the money he used to buy the engagement ring was my salary because he proposed after I paid him the money for that month . Pls help me .


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