He broke my heart to pieces – girl laments
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September 5, 2016

He broke my heart to pieces – girl laments

From a female blog reader:

After my last relationship that didn’t worked out well I met a guy on tagged (yeah tagged! dats long ago) who asked me out.I refused his proposal initially because I have not gotten over my past.I still craved for attention and love so I accepted his proposal(lol). As time went on ,he kept on professing how much he needs me,love me,He was giving me back the love which I have lost.
He made me fell madly in love with him even before I could see him.When we met ,my heart recognized the feeling of home with him.He was all I ever wanted, he has a good charisma,a nice body build that ladies love so much ,Infact he was down to heart.He was also good in bed (so good) at a point I don’t know if I was loving the real him or the him on bed. After three years we were still good together.On an outing he told me that he wants to make me his wife.He took me to his mum n dad N I was happy,.I told myself “oh I AV really found home”but the mum don’t seems to be cool with it n during my stay with the family I found out that my bf is a mummy’s boy. He does not make decision without consulting his mum.Some times later after my visit to my bf family,he changed,he was no longer sweet,he don’t call like before, no text messages we might even stay for 3weeks without a ‘hi’ n I was already madly in love with him. I started doing the calling n texting but it didn’t work, the only time he will call n sound excited is when he needs sex n I was that loyal gf that Wont say no to my bf.He was always looking for faults in the r/ship, wen we argue n quarrel n I will be the one to still call to bring us back to terms. I was been patient,still loving despite the mistreatment.After so much of my effort we got back together but he stil does not call or text me.The last time I called him he told me to take care of myself cos I will be carrying his children.He called me and told me that we should proceed with our marriage plan.i was so excited and started making plans with my mum.Three days later after that beautiful discussion he called me and told me that we should go our separate ways,that he is scared of me, I am unpredictable. He just uploaded his new engaged gf pic. So shocked. What do I do ?

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