Graphic: Man hacks off neighbour’s hand in Lagos
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January 18, 2017

Graphic: Man hacks off neighbour’s hand in Lagos

One Samson Onome is in trouble after cutting off his neigbour’s hand in Ajah area of Lagos State.

According to eyewitness,

Samson Onome reportedly intervened in a domestic dispute involving his victim, Wale Badejo and some gamblers at a lotto shop but all his effort to get the victim to calm down failed.

He engaged his victim in a physical fight which involved exchange of blows.

Samson later gave up the fight and fled for his dear life but the victim pursued after him.

The suspect later ran into his room but Wale Badejo who is said to be mentally unstable barged into his room with a broken bottle.

Samson later dashed out of his room with a cutlass which he used to hack Wale on the head and his left hand.

The suspect is being detained at Ilasan police station.

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