“Girlfriend cheated on me on Christmas day”
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December 28, 2016

“Girlfriend cheated on me on Christmas day”

From a male blog reader:

Dear family, compliments of the season. I’m an ardent reader and a silent follower too. I am a 27 year old guy. Quite handsome, really cool, and also very comfortable. I am dating this very charming and beautiful 22 year old girl. She’s Ibo. Very tall, light skinned, killer curves in all the right places with such a warm personality. She’s a student. I’m actually outside Naija currently for my Msc. Before, i left, i think my gf was faithful to me because she dint password her phones. We were together always, when i wasnt working, and there was no reason to suspect her. One day she came to my apartment, she used my phone to login to her facebook account. When she was thru, for some reason , she dint logout…. I was like, OSHEYYY( if you use fb on your browser,and dont logout, the page opens automaticalli)… Fast forward, till when i traveled.. Our relationship blossomed. I use to go to her inbox occasionally to see her activities on code. Yesterday was xmas…. I asked her if she had plans.She said, she was just gonna see movies with her gfs in the evening. Later on, i asked how her day, went… She said, it was splendid. I just decided to go snooping again. Only to find out she was chatting with this guy. Apparently, its him she went to see, and they had sex. So, he was apologising, and they were exchanging plenty “i love u ” upandan…etc etc(as per new relationship things now, lol) . To think i was online the same time and she was bizzy tellin me hw much she loves and misses me (women, tufiaaahhhhhh). As she aff see mumu naw, lol. Pesin wey i want marry oo? Dear make una no vex, who fucks on christmas day? she doesnt know, i’m aware yet. Well, God is merciful, atleast i go enter 2017 as new creature. How do i present to her, this massive revelation? i want to shock her, i want jst punish ds geh, then enter 2017 pure… chai. end tym women.


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