Female blog reader asks: Am I a hoe for doing this?
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September 7, 2016

Female blog reader asks: Am I a hoe for doing this?

From a female blog reader:

This is my story, it’s somewhat short but I need serious advice and critics. I met dis guy on Instagram, an ex governor’s son . We got chatting and from the onstart he started asking about my sex life, what I do for fun and all that. When he got into town he invited me over only for me to discover he had a guest, another girl he came into town with. That night,he wanted a threesome but I refused 😂and went to bed. The next morning this guy came into my room wanting to have sex with me , I refused again. So he started telling me he likes me and he would want me to spend 3 extra days(nights because I go to work during the day)his male friend even started hitting on me and we kissed(I told my friend bout it when he came to my room the next day)So on the last day after his guest( the female friend had left for the airport,he sent me a text on how he was inlove with me and would want to make love to me, I knew he wasn’t serious so I ignored the text. Five minutes later he comes to my room starts kissing me n begging to let him sex me.lolz, I let him do it.after dat I packed and left d house. This guy hasn’t called me. My problem now is that I’ve known his brother for years and that one has been wanting to see me. We have been just friends and now he is back in town and wants us to see. I feel terrible and like hoe Cc: we have never been intimate. Please what do I do?

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